Unlocked History Escape Rooms

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In this interactive adventure game you and your cohorts must travel back in time and save the day on one of three incredible journeys which are about to commence.  

The year is 1781 and the War for Independence is present in Charlottesville. British troops are advancing towards Thomas & Martha Jefferson’s abode at Monticello. The fate of our nation’s freedom is in your hands. 

It is 1826 and Edgar Allan Poe had just begun his studies at the University of Virginia. But one fateful night, he vanished without a trace. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the mystery of Edgar’s auspicious disappearance. 

Journey back to 1944 to the Invasion of Normandy. The adversaries are seasoned and supplied. Your clandestine mission is to infiltrate Nazi Headquarters in Paris, collect essential data, and impair Nazi activities to guarantee an Allied success.  

Be wary intrepid adventures, you just might learn something while having an enjoyable time.  



You can learn something from each experience. While learning history through an escape room will not help you study for a history exam you can dazzle your friends and family with tidbits of obscure historical information.

Corporate Team Building

If looking to bond with coworkers through team building, working together to solve puzzles and clues in an escape room is ideal. You can reserve a time during regular hours or email to reserve a private time slot.

Local History

Two of the Escape rooms are themed to incorporate local history, including Thomas and Martha Jefferson and their home Monticello and Edgar Allan Poe’s brief residence and the room he stayed in at the University of Virginia.
Tuesday 2:30 - 9
Thursday 2:30 - 9
Friday 2:30 - 9
Saturday 10 - 9
Sunday 12:30 - 8


GOOD FOR:Corporate | Families | Large Groups | Students & Parents



Unlocked History Escape Rooms
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